Processing of the Grapes at the Winery

Both white and red grapes are gradually loaded into a stem removal machine, where the berries are separated from the stem.  Our goal is to remove 100% of all stems from the berries.  We do not want the bitterness or astringency that might be extracted from bits of stem material during fermentation.  Once the stems are removed, the berries travel on a conveyor belt where an optical sorter separates shot and desiccated berries before the grapes are transferred either to a press for juicing (white wines only) or into a stainless steel fermentation tank (red wines).  This process optimizes the quality of the fruit going into the fermentation tank, which minimizes any bitterness and stringency that might come from the stems desiccated (raisined) berries.

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Maceration & Fermentation

Cellaring & Aging

Bottling & Aging